Design Conference

Awesome 2-days experience in Los Angeles. New way of creativity

October 12-15

Franklin Clarus . Art Director Floral

The flicker

We will show you a new reality in design

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Our Location

510 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0M3

Our speakers

Talented industry experts

Here at Flicker , we strive to bring you the best of the best to share their knowledge and process.

Tara Panamero

Founder / Designer Hlaston

Melisa Clark

Designer , Artist & Auther

Tom Bishop

Art Director Ava Lenus

Anita Flash

Partner & CEO Valaon

Adam Benelli

UI / Graphic Designer at Violencio

Morgan Qalanic

CEO Argony

the pricing

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Main Pass

Price / 310$

Live Stream

Price / 180$


Price / 250$


Triumphant event

Each year design conference, design talents and curators of dreams a like come together in Vancouver from all over the world to share with us their best – kept secret, unveiling the key to their success

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